600 Gram Powder Fire Extinguishers

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Powder Fire Extinguisher 600 Gram Powder Fire Extinguisher For ABC Fires

The Powder Fire Extinguisher is the smallest Extinguisher in the  range. It stands only 207mm high and yet still packs a punch with its 5A 21B ratings. Suitable for class A, B and C fires, it can tackle most fires involving wood/paper, flammable liquids and electrical fires. An ideal option for the caravan or other vehicles as it's so small but still has a big impact. In the 12 years that Firechief extinguishers have been established in the UK fire market they have become synonymous with quality and reliability.

Product Specification:

  • Approved to BSEN3 excluding clause 6.1 (size requirement)
  • Kitemark and LPCB approved
  • Powder Fire Extinguisher 
  • Holds 5 year guarantee
  • Stored Pressure
  • Multi-purpose application
  • Includes transport bracket
  • Squeeze grip operation
  • Designed, developed and tested in UK
  • Multi-purpose application
  • Supplied with J bracket
  • Supplied with transport bracket
  • Brass Valve
  • Pressure Gauge 

Technical Specfication:

  • Fire Rating : 5A 21B C
  • MED Approval: No
  • LPCB Cert No.: 1093b/01
  • Height (mm): 207
  • Diameter (mm): 68
  • Total Width (mm): 68
  • Throw range (m): 3
  • Discharge time (secs): 4
  • Working pressure (bar): 15
  • 35kV Dielectric: N/A
  • Number per pallet: 432

Handling And Storage:

  • Handling Precautions: Dry, cool, absence of vibration. Avoid production of dust.
  • When the powder passes through plastic pipes electrostatic charge can occur.
  • Storage precautions: no danger

Hazards Identification:

  • This product is not hazardous if used for the reason it has been developed.
  • Can slightly irritate the skin in presence of humidity.
  • Can slightly irritate the eyes.
  • Can irritate the respiratory tract. To consider as dust.

First Aid  Measures:

  • Eyes: There might be a slight irritation which fades soon. Irrigate with water or eyewash solution.
  • Skin: Wash off with water and soap. No serious effect.
  • Inhalation: If inhaled - remove to fresh air. No serious effect.
  • Ingestion: Wash mouth with water and give plenty of water to drink. Induce vomiting.

Ecological Information:

  • Not hazardous.
  • Contains no heavy metal salts.
  • HJ ABC Universal contains monoammoiumphosphate which is a soil fertilizer.