600mm Safety Convex Mirror

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600mm Safety Convex Mirror provides maximum visibility at crossroads, intersections and other restricted view areas assisting drivers to avoid dangerous situations that could lead to accidents and collisions. They are suitable for outdoor traffic applications and indoor use in shops to prevent theft.

The reflective surface is made of a special flexible polycarbonate that returns to its original shape after being deformed. Mirrors eliminate blind spots and help reversing vehicles to align correctly and reduce possible damage. Very useful at warehouses, loading bays and garages, where improve visibility at blind corners and junctions, that is one of the major causes of accidents.

The convex mirror comes complete with an adjustable mounting clamp for 48 mm poles. Pole needed for installation is usually galvanised steel pipe with external diameter 48 mm. Pole is not included with the mirror.

There is also available for purchase special base that allows wall mounting in combination with concrete anchors. Each mirror is protected by a removable masking on the front. This masking should remain in place to protect the mirror during installation and only be removed once installation is complete. The 600mm diameter mirror provides visibility at a distance up to 18 m.

Key Features:
• 600mm Diameter
• Economical Price
• Viewing Distance18m

Weight: 2.6kg

Warranty: 1 Year Parts / Labour