Anti Slip Tape Red Floor Tape

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Anti Slip Tape Red Floor Tape

• This tape is a Premium grade anti slip tape providing a high traction surface for steps, ramps & walkways.

• Anti Slip Tapes and Treads should be applied to clean, dry and relatively smooth surfaces.

• Dusty, soiled and porous surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned and prepared with anti slip floor primer to ensure the best adhesion and ultimately product longevity.

• Edge sealer is also recommended for best results to prevent water / chemical ingress.

• Application is best carried out when the ambient temperature is above 10°C.

• We recommend the use of a seam roller to apply even pressure to achieve the required 'tack' / initial adhesion. Products can be walked on immediately.

• Adhesive bond reaches full strength after 24 hours.

• Our Tapes & Treads have good levels of conformability and can be applied to patterned / diamond tread surfaces and stair plates.

• A rubber mallet should be used to help form the tape to the surface.

Key Features:

Color: Red

GRADE: Medium Profile Silicon Carbide Grit.

• Coarse silicon carbide grit surface delivers a high performance yet extremely cost-effective safety solution.

• Powerful adhesive technology is resistant to most chemicals and fluids for excellent longevity.

• Our anti slip tapes are suitable for a wide range of applications both indoors and out.

• Easily cut with scissors or a stanley knife & can be applied in minutes for an immediate anti slip solution.


• Stairs

• Rugs

• Shoes

• Decking

• Steps

• Showers

• Furniture

• Bathroom