Construction Sign No reversing without banksman 400mm

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Prohibition Construction Sign No reversing without banksman 400mm

It’s not uncommon for cranes and other large vehicles to be operated at construction and building sites. When it comes to such vehicles, a banksman is essential – it’s their job to ensure all movements are made safely, as the operator of the vehicle in question won’t always have 100% clear visibility. Reversing can be especially dangerous in cranes and large vehicles, which is why it should never be attempted without a banksman present. Our temporary ‘no reversing without banksman’ construction signs are the perfect reminder to help enforce this rule and ensure no avoidable workplace accidents occur. Help inform staff and visitors on your site rules and regulations. All Prohibition signs are manufactured on 1.2mm Rigid Polypropylene. 


Displays a clear workplace safety reminder

Helps to avoid construction and building site accidents

Fulfils a legal requirement


Height: 300mm 

Width: 400mm