Double Sided Filmic Tape

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Double Sided Filmic Tape

• This is a thick white double sided self adhesive tape consisting of a PVC-film backing and a tackified acrylic adhesive.

• It combines high tack and immediate adhesion due to its high coating weight of adhesive and it's strong tackified acrylic adhesive which allows for adhering to rough and slightly dusty surfaces.

• High coating weight for good bonding performance on rough or dusty surfaces.

• It has been designed for permanent long-term mounting jobs in mind and is not easily removed.

Key Features:

• Excellent combination of high tack and immediate adhesion

• Suitable for long-term applications


• House Wrap

• Graphic Arts

• Signage

• Splicing

• Tabbing

• Vapor Barrier Seaming

• Craft

• Industries

• Bonding

• Holding

• Mounting

• Packaging