Hinged Padlock Parking Post

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Hinged Padlock Parking Post can be folded down and is available in a selection of colours for different applications. The yellow and black is ideal for areas where the post is in place for safety reasons whilst the galvanised finish is super-resistant against excessive wear and tear. The red, yellow and white is ideal for general use at home or the workplace.

If you have trouble with unauthorised or unwanted vehicles parking in your space or in restricted areas but find that a permanent bollard is unsuitable, then a fold down bollard may be the answer. This lockable parking post uses a padlock system to allow the key holder to raise and lower the post as and when is necessary to allow access to driveways, private roads, car parks and other areas that require access mediation.

This lockable parking post allows the key holder to block or allow access as necessary. This particular product is incredibly popular with those looking to protect their driveways, parking spaces or private roads from unwanted usage. The integral mechanism is vandal resistant and ensures that no-one unauthorised is able to lower or raise the parking post. This post is hinged and therefore can be folded down.

A hinged padlock parking post is best used for the security of personal or limited retail parking spaces. An off label use is also as a barrier that prevents unauthorised access by vehicles who seek to use the area as a turnaround, or for unapproved parking. The system was designed for spaces that don’t allow permanent blockades, or will need to be used periodically for vehicular storage. Users who don’t want to give free access to certain locations, but still want to utilise their space can do so via the hinged locking system.

Our hinged padlock parking posts are collapsible and weatherproof. Our vehicle parking posts have combined padlock housing and lift handle for greater usability. 800mm high x 60mm diameter post (90mm high when folded) it is galvanised or with powder coated finishes. 4 x 10mm fixings and a quality padlock also included.

Key Features:
• Robust 800mm high Post
• 60mm diameter
• 90mm height when folded down
• Powder coat or galvanised finishes
• Unsuitable for cars that are lower than 140mm
• M10/100mm Fixing bolts are included
• 6.2kg total weight
• Quality padlock with two keys also included
• Not designed to withstand driving over
• Lay unit flat and ensure tyres are parallel to unit and not on the unit

Height: 800 mm
Diameter: 60 mm
Weight: 6.2 kg

Material: Mild Steel
Colour: Yellow, Red, Yellow/Black, Galvanised

Warranty: 1 Year Parts / Labour