Low Tack Protective Tape

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Low Tack Protective Tape

• This tape has a rubber resin adhesive and will comfortably protect mill-finished, satinized, brushed or anodized aluminium, stainless steel, matt painted coils and PVC profiles.

• Protection tape can be left outdoors on your products for up to 6 months without a problem.

• This ply-able black polyethylene film will key onto most substrates and will remove without any trace of adhesive residue.

Key Features:

Color: Black

• 75 micron polyethylene film

• Rubber resin adhesive

• No residue upon removal


• Windows

• Floorboards

• Carpets

• Coated Metals

• Plastics

• Stainless Steel

• Glass

• Aluminum

• Furniture

• Painted Metals