Multi Cable Cover Protector 2 Channels

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Multi Cable Cover Protector 2 Channels are suitable for small hose protection suitable for foot and vehicle traffic.
Anti slip textured top surface for maximum grip, for indoor and outdoor usage, finished with a polyurethane high visibility yellow lid to minimise the possibility of the cable ramp becoming a trip hazard.

This cable protector is in lenghth of 1000mm that are inter connectible for uses in any length required, the 3 groove version also available with edge caps designed to finish off the product.

Designed for permanent and temporary applications this ramp is practical as well as ergonomic.

1000 mm    
250 mm
Height: 45 mm
Channel Width: 40 mm
Height: 30mm
No. of Channels: 2
Weight: 7.2kg
SWL: 12 Tonnes

Colour: Black/Yellow
Material: NR/SBR

Offices, Cable Trunking.
Commercial Events, Trade Fairs and Trade Shows.
Constructions Sites \ Maintenance Work Areas.
Factory and Warehouses.

Warranty: 1 Year