Nitto Protective Polythene Film Tape

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Nitto Protective Polythene Film Tape

• This is 100 micron thick surface protection tape is ideal for the protection of metal and plastic surfaces during mechanical processes, storage or transportation.

• Offering a pressure sensitive rubber resin adhesive, this tape has good oil resistance, so can also be used for metal protection after milling operations.

• Due to its thick film, this product offers great weatherability properties and the rubber adhesive offers great suitability onto epoxy powder coated metals.

Key Features:

Color: Black

• 100mu thick polythene film

• Ideal for use on metal and plastic

• Not affected by oils


• Windows

• Floorboards

• Carpets

• Coated Metals

• Plastics

• Stainless Steel

• Glass

• Aluminum

• Furniture

• Painted Metals