Oil Absorbent Boom 168 Litres

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Oil Absorbent Boom 168 Litres

Oil Absorbent Boom 168 Litres (3000mm x 120mm) has been developed for the containment and absorption of oil spills and debris in rivers and harbours. The boom has a polypropylene inner and can absorb 84 litres of oil and diesel spills and can cover large areas by overlapping the booms with the fitted clips and rings. They are easy to deploy and can be used in inland rivers, canals or often they are applied to containing construction site run-off. 

Product Benefits:

  • Absorbs 84 litres per boom
  • For use in rivers, harbours, construction sites
  • Booms can be overlapped for large scale containment
  • Pack Quantity: 2
  • Pack absorbency: 168
  • Dimensions (mm): 5000 (l) x 200 (diam.)


  • Debris in rivers
  • Harbours in rivers
  • Used in inland Rivers, Canals
  • To Absorb The Oil And Fuel