Universal Fire Extinguisher Wall Bracket

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Fire Extinguisher Wall Bracket

The fire extinguisher wall mount universal transport bracket is manufactured with a 'J' bracket facility on the top so the extinguisher hangs from this and is then secured with the fabric strap. The universal transport bracket is the ideal fixture for the installation of fire extinguishers on to moving vehicle and machinery applications. The adjustable strap allows for most makes and types of fire extinguisher to sit firmly in place.

Key Features:
• For use on 3-12kg extinguisher sizes (apart from CO2 extinguishers
• Rubber covers to protect the extinguisher from being scratched
• The extinguisher is upright during vehicle movement
• Quick release strap allows for easy access in case of emergency
• Suitable for most makes and types of fire extinguisher
• Easy to install
• Compact design
• Can be used in a wide range of vehicles, moving machinery and boats
• Not suitable for CO2 fire extinguishers


• Vehicles
• Engineers
• Electricians
• Camper vans