Warehouse Collision Protection Bars

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Warehouse Collision Protection Bars measures 86mm overall height and stop trucks, roll containers and transport vehicles from colliding with and damaging shelves, cabinets and other workplace equipment.

Collision Protection Bars provide low cost protection for plant and machinery from forklift trucks, roller containers, trolleys, pallet trucks etc.

Additionally they can be used to protect shelving and wall mounted equipment such as instruments, switch cabinets, fi rst aid equipment etc. Due to their low profile they allow easy pedestrian access to protected areas.

Each Collision Protection Bar is made from the toughest German steel and provides excellent protection to nearby assets, especially in the likes of warehouses where frequent forklift activity or pallet trucks may be in operation.

Each collision protection bar is powder coated yellow and is equipped with black markings to alert nearby forklift users and pedestrians to their prescence.

The low profile design allows for easy access to the protected areas in questions, keeping the collision protection low enough to allow access to pallet racking, machinery etc.

The collision protection bars can be bolted to the surface quickly and easily and provide instant protection to nearby assets.

Manufactured from high quality seamless steel tube with 45° tapered ends and strong fi xing plates 10mm thick

Key Features:
• 1 Year Warranty
• Easy Installation
• Next Day Delivery
• Bolt Down
• High quality German made - long lasting
• 86mm overall height
• 76mm tube diameter
• Thick 3mm wall tube
• Low profile design - easy access to protected areas
• Made from high grade steel
• Bevelled ends
• For bolting with extra strong base plates (10 mm)

86 mm
Length: 400 / 800 / 1200 mm
Diameter: 76 mm
Gauge: 3 mm
Weight: 5 Kg
Base Plate: 130 mm x 70 mm x 10 mm 

Powder coated yellow with black bands.
Also available is a corner protection guard to the same high standards as the Collision Bars above

Lead Time: 7 Working Days