Welding Fire Blanket Fiberglass Protective Heavy Duty

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Heavy Duty Fiberglass Protective Welding Fire Blanket

Heavy Duty Fiberglass Protective Blanket, Emergency Surival Blanket, Welding Blanket and Fire Blanket With Various Sizes.


1. The welding blanket and fire blanket is suitable for isolating welding sparks, slag, welding spatter, etc., and preventing the fire which may be caused by welding. 
2. Can also be used for isolating welding light, and establishing a safe, clean, standard operating space. 
3. The welding blanket and fire blanket is the ideal protection tools for hot work, such as welding, cutting, etc. in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels and other public places of entertainment . 
4.  It is widely used for isolating heat and welding sparks in both industry and home improvement ,widely used as welding blanket or emergency survival fire blanket 
5. Material: Fiberglass cloth

6. Size Available: (length*width) : 39.3×39.3 Inches(1*1m), 47.2×47.2 Inches(1.2*1.2m), 47.2×70.9Inches(1.2*1.8m), 59×59 Inches(1.5*1.5m), 70.9×70.9 Inches(1.8*1.8m), 78.7×78.7 Inches(2*2m) 
Included: 1 x Welding Blanket