Welding Magnets Compact Magnetic Clamps Large Switchable Welding Magnets

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Welding Magnets Compact Magnetic Clamps Large Switchable Multi Angle Welding Magnets

Designed for holding ferrous sheets and tubes in place while they are welded, these strong and compact magnetic clamps can be used for welding angles at 45°, 90°, and 135°. The switch mechanism enables them to be positioned safely and accurately while any swarf is easily cleaned away.


  • Pack of 1
  • 215mm wide x 140mm high
  • 45°, 90°, and 135° angled sides
  • Can be used with flat steel and, round and square tubing
  • On/off switch for accurate positioning and quick cleaning
  • 24kg holding force against 5mm thick mild steel


  • Flat pieces
  • Round and square tubing
  • Welding WorkPlaces

These powerful magnets provide a fast and easy way to hold two pieces of steel together at 45°, 90° or 135° while they are welded, soldered and assembled. Every magnet has a mechanical switch – when turned off there is no external magnetism so they can be freely and accurately positioned then when turned on the magnets clamp in place. In addition, the switching mechanism allows the magnet to be quickly and easily cleaned, for when it is switched off any metal swarf can simply be wiped off. The strong clamping force makes these magnets ideal for flat pieces, round and square tubing.